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    • Evaluating the probability of avoiding disease-related extinctions of Panamanian amphibians through captive breeding programs 

      Gratwicke, B; Ross, H; Batista, Abel; Chaves, G.; Crawford, A.J.; Elizondro, L.; Estrada, A.; Evans, M.; Garelle, D.; Guerrel, J.; Hertz, A.; Hughey, M.; Jaramillo, C.A.; Kocke, B.; Mandica, M.; Medina, D.; Richards-Zawacki, C.L.; Ryan, M.J.; Sosa-Bartuano, A.; Voyles, J.; Walker, B.; Woodhams, D.C.; Ibáñez, R. (Animal Conservation, 2015)
      Amphibians around the world are declining from threats that cannot currently be mitigated, making it impossible to safeguard some species in their natural habitats. Amphibians in the mountainous neotropics are one example ...