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    • El Sangrillo Negro (paramachaerium gruberi Brisicky) especie maderable en peligro de extinción. 

      Vargas Jimenez, Luis Manuel (NATURA, 2002)
      Panama has a varied and rich flora. The total extension it has (75,517 Km2), And in which 9000 species of angiospermae plants (Magnoliophyta Division) from which 1230 (17,3%) are endemic it is an evidence of this. Panama ...
    • SDN based architecture for IoT and improvement of the security 

      Flauzac, Olivier; Gonzalez Santamaría, Carlos Javier; Nolot, Florent; Hachani, Abdelhak (2015 29th International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications Workshops, 2015)
      —With the exponential growth of devices connected to the Internet, security networks as one of the hardest challenge for network managers. Maintaining and securing such large scale and heterogeneous network is a challenging ...
    • Two new fringe-limbed frogs of the genus Ecnomiohyla (Anura: Hylidae) from Panama 

      Batista, Abel; Hertz, Andreas; Mebert, Konrad; Köhler, Gunther; Lotzkat, Sebastian; Ponce, Marcos; Vesely, Milan (MagnoliaPress, 2014)
      Forest canopy-dwelling frogs are usually among the rarest anuran species observed in the neotropical forest, mainly because they fall outside of the scope of the standard search methods used by herpetologists. During field ...